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Organisations. World Health Organization WHO, International Monetary Fund IMF
Period. 15 - 21 September 2020

The WHO Weekly Epidemiological Update reported that the pandemic has surpassed 30 million confirmed cases, and that the number of confirmed COVID-19-related deaths approach one million globally. Many regions are reporting a resurgence in cases, as countries experiment with different strategies for reopening schools and businesses, as the International Monetary Fund last month estimated the pandemic is costing the global economy US$375 billion a month.

With more than 15 million confirmed cases, the region of the Americas represents over half the global burden of the pandemic. The U.S. and Brazil remain among the top three countries, while Venezuela is approaching a humanitarian catastrophe as outbreaks in the capital have exacerbated existing food shortages and economic crisis. Public health experts are also warning that the virus is spreading from major cities to less populated areas of Latin America where health systems are weaker. A quarter of the countries in the region have suspended routine vaccination, at least 25 countries have suspended primary care programs for diabetes and hypertension – notable risk factors for COVID-19 – while pregnancy-related health services have dropped by nearly 40% in the region. The WHO Director for the Americas region urged countries to sustain essential health services, as well as scaling up alternative approaches such as telemedicine, home visits, and community outreach.

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